Friday, April 25, 2014

Used to.

It is just a matter of time,
When you have nothing to talk,
To the people you used to talk everything to.

It is sad.
But it's in our nature.
To change.

It can be a good thing,
But in our case,
It's bad thing.

But who are we to go against our nature?

Being the one who stays the same.
It's hard.
But what makes it different from being the one who changed?
At the end, It's still hurt the same.

"Would you like to have one last breakfast together?"

For all time sake.



plural noun: friends; plural noun: Friends
  1. 1.
    a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

People who are aware of how retarded you are and still manage to be seen in public with you. People who make you laugh till you pee your pants. People who cry for you when one of your special items disappear. When you don't have enough money to get a ice cream, they chip in. Knows all of your internet passwords. Who would never make you cry just to be mean.

Question is.
Where are the real ones?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Bonne Chance TESL-ians

So this post is for those who are looking for tips for the TESL interview.

The only thing you need is self-confidence
This is because you need to be able to stand by your answers and opinions since they will twist your words.
If you don't like something, just be honest about it. Do not lie to them cause they will know. They are very good at twisting their questions until you will spill your beans. So just be honest. They won't scold you for having different opinions but do make sure that you have solid reasons for it.

You don't really need to study anything serious since you will be ask about your life and your background and what make you want to take TESL as your course.
Oh and please make sure that you know what the T.E.S.L stand for since the interviewers will ask you that.

I was quite lucky on my interview since I wasn't asked about anything regarding to educational news and affairs. Unfortunately, there were those unlucky ones that were asked about the current issue of education. And during my time it was the abolishment of ptptn. So do pray hard that you will not be one of those unlucky ones.

I was only asked about my family and the things that I love. I was the last candidate for the interview and I was so worried about the interviewers mood. So i walked into the room with the biggest smile and said Assalamuaikum and a friendly hello and Alhamdulillah the interview went well.

If you don't want to be a teacher then just be honest about it. I did that on my interview and they accepted it. Bare in mind that TESL is not all about being a teacher.
Make sure you are not passive during the interview.
You need to talk a lot but do let the interviewers talk too. Please do not worry about your grammar. It's  okay to make grammatical errors during the interview. Just be responsive and have a good time during the interview. Be different, be yourself :)

Goodluck my junior TESL-ians, Trust me, you won't regret in taking this awesome course.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013


This kind of thought should be forbidden.


Stubborn little prick

This does not change anything (maybe not now)
I am still bored.
Gotta find a job as soon as possible.



Hello and welcome again.
Call me insane but I can't sleep well knowing that Helena is sick.
Oh for those who don't know,
Helena is a kitten ( she'll stays as my baby forever regardless the age) that I am now taking care of.
And she is sick. 
She's having a fever and it's driving me crazy. 

But I am relieved that she is still eating and drinking even though the amount of consuming is decreasing than before.

Well, this post is dedicated to her. I know she can't literally read this and understands but I just don't care and I don't care if you don't find this post interesting. You are always welcome to close this blog and watch some stupid and annoying gwiyomi videos that are going viral now. Not that I care of.

Helena was first found by Genji and was brought to the vet by him and a friend of ours, Haz.
I was told by Genji that Helena was really weak back then. She was so fragile. But yeah things got better. I was first moved by her when I followed taking her to the vet when she was infected with an eye infection. Looking at the way my friends are attached to her somehow made me jealous and wanting the same thing. She was so small and cute and I want to be able to love her too.

 As some of you know, I suffered from ailurophobia which in simple term means irrational fear of cats.
They somehow frighten me in a way but thanks to Helena, I have finally overcome that fear and I owe her for that. I remember the first time she jumped on my lap to sleep. I was frozen but that particular event had helped me to be a non-ailurophobia so maybe that is the reason why I love her so much. Well, I don't really know because sometimes we don't need a reason to love something aye? All i know is that she brings joy to me in an ama-meow-zing (amazing) way.

Auni, Liljah, Genji and Caca did a lot in taking care of her when we were in Kuantan and it is my turn to take care of her here in Selayang.

Get well soon baby Syarifah Helena (Poyo kan?) , there's a lot of people that love you so stop being sick.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Every bits of my heart

Have you ever imagine that some people would have some sort of power that can control your feelings?
They will be in your thoughts everyday (despite being far away from each other).
You will miss them every second in your life.
The moments you have shared with them will keep on playing in your mind.
And you will simply can't stop thinking when is the next time you will meet them.

Sounds scary?
Well here's a bummer,
They exist.

Trust me, they exist.

These people, they don't do much, they simply get you in a way. 
They will understand you.
They will act crazy with you.
They will support you and
They will love you, unconditionally.

And you will do anything for them. To keep them forever in your life.
These abnormal people..

Well, I call them as friends

P/s; All of you are officially have a part of my heart. Do take care of it cause it's fragile. And I effing hate the fact that I can't stop missing every single one of you.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Have you ever feel sad without a reason?
Have you ever feel angry without a reason?
Have you ever feel lost without a reason?

I have.

At this very moment.

I want to hug someone tightly so that he/she can feel or has the slightest idea how I am feeling now.


Friday, September 7, 2012

New Family

This is a simple entry. Just wanna post few photos of my classmates here in Kuantan. (TESL B)


Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Story

Hello there and let me warn you. I'm about to post a very long entry. Its completely up to you whether you choose to read it or not but i am here to share something very personal.

People, i mean people that know me have been flooding my inbox with a simple question.
Why Hijab? Why change? What makes you wanna change?

Well, at first i was a bit confused seeing all these people asking me those question. I did not expect that people will want to know the reason because as a muslimah covering your aurat is a must. So what could other reason be?

What makes me wanna change?

Well, it is just that i have come to the point of my life that i am done chasing things that i know are not permanent.

It all started when i was waiting for my SPM results. I came across a video on youtube about a chinese girl that converts into Islam.

She said that she is upset looking at Islam girls that do not know how lucky we are to be born as a Muslim. And how careless we are to be carried away with western culture.

She had a lot of challenges just to get into Islam. Her family even isolated her. She fought so hard just to be in Islam while i on the other hand haven't do anything.

And that hit me right on the face. I looked myself in the mirror and a simple question pop-ed out. What kind of Islam are you Lala? I was so jealous on how a chinese girl could get that kind of Allah's blessings and how stupid i am to have not seek and beg for His guidance.

After that incident, my heart seemed not to be in the right mood. I always feels like something is missing some where. My sense of fashion changed too.

I started to notice that girls in Tudung are more attractive than the others and how sweet they look covering their parts of body as a symbol of respecting themselves.

That is when I decided to wear one too. But before that happens, I tend to over thinked.

Should i wait until i get married first? What if I lose some friends due to these changes? Can i really throw all my clothes away and starts to wear something different? Can i still be me?

Those questions ran through my mind every single day.

I asked for Allah's help and guidance in my do'a and I went to my sister and told her everything. Her answer was :

" Nak berubah ke arah kebaikkan tu tak akan merugikan lansung. Biasalah banyak ragu2 dalam hati sebab syaitan cemburu akan perubahan yang bakal kita lakukan, sebab dia dah gagal"

That opened my eyes and made me think,

"Changing into a better version of me, what could i lose? Nothing, simply nothing :)"

People that keep me going till now.

This hijrah that i made also helped me in realizing which are my real friends and which guy are sincere towards me rather than just wanting to have fun :):)

p/s : To girls out there that have that feeling of wanting to change, even a slightest feeling, just do it. Do it before the feelings go away. You won't lose anything infact you will gain something even more meaningful :)


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ultras Selangor

So semalam saya, Hanna, Ayang dan Anis went to Stadium Darul Makmur here in Pahang to catch the game between Selangor and Pahang.
Obviously, Me and the rest of us supported Selangor and the best part is they won!
Congrats to them!:D:D:D

Me and Hanna are originally from Selangor while Ayang from Sabah and Anis from Terengganu but that doesn't mean that they couldn't support Selangor.

It was a bump since I don't bring any of my jersey to Kuantan but I managed to find a plain red shirt so yeah me(^.^)

We sat among the Ultras Selangor team and it was an awesome experience! We sang along the chant and cheered for Selangor with all of our hearts!

Even though there were only a small group of Selangor-ians in the stadium, we still caught the pahang supporters eyes and ears through our enthusiastic chant and our team goals!!!

I will definitely looking forward to the next match!


p/s : Going to the match somehow make me feel a lil less homesick :)


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It scares me


It scares me to not know what are you thinking.
It scares me to not know what are you feeling.
It scares me to not know what you are looking for.

It just scares me so much.

Would you still love me tomorrow?
Would you still fight for me tomorrow?
Would you still be there for me tomorrow?

Please just don't change.
Don't be the same reason why I think love sucks at the first place.


I'm in my room alone staring at the screen of my laptop.
I desperately want to write something that could describe how i feel inside.
The emptiness inside of my heart.

The emptiness that i do not know how to fulfill it.
The emptiness that i do not know how it got there at the first place.

Is it because of him?
Or is it because of me?
Or is it because i could not feel or know how to feel anymore?

This emptiness is killing me inside, slowly and slowly.
And i wish there's a word that could describe how empty i feel.
How empty my heart is.

Maybe, the reason i don't want to give my heart to you
is because i have nothing to offer.

An empty heart, what could it do for you?
Nothing, simply nothing.


Kuantan, TESL

Bila tak balik rumah, kuantan lah tempat menghabiskan weekend saya, dengan tidur dan online di DM.

tak tahu nak cakap apa dah. tengok gambar je la.

Dan nak cakap di sini bahawa TESL adalah satu course yang sangat best. Awesome people. Awesome course. Awesome lectures :)

And siapa cakap tesl senang tu, try jawab listening and speaking punya phonemic symbols gua rasa letih lagi dari buat addmath.

Apabila ingin sesuatu makanan yang mewah sikit....

Eh tetibe je ni. Athlete kedah hensem tu duduk situ tu. heheh pulun kedah pulun!


Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey I am very sure you can notice by right now that I've deleted all my previous post.
Why? Well, it's because I'm lazy. Lazy to delete every single photo of mine that I've uploaded before.
Why do i want to delete those photos? Well, its because that was the old me. I am now somebody new that Alhamdulillah have decided to wear hijab. I am now here asking kindly and very strictly to those who know me and somehow have a photo of me without the hijab please remove the photos. Thank you :)

This hijab thing is still very new and insyaAllah i will not remove this hijab forever.

But please do not worry peeps cause I'm still the old me. The crazy-bubbly-retarted-tall-ehem-hihi me. So, don't be afraid of my minor changes eh? :):)

Okay enough with the hijab announcement. So how are you guys doing? I am very fine indeed. I am now currently in Uitm Kuantan Padang Lalang doing my foundation in Tesl. Kuantan is very interesting and not really that kampung lah. The town sometimes reminds me of Kuala Lumpur. People here are very nice but the drivers are rude and drive very fast just like in KL.

My friends here are really really cool. They're as petite as i am. Hihi. Their names are Shahirah, Dina , Chimin and Amoi. Sadly to say, I am more close to them compared to my roomate. And i just don't know why. Maybe there's just no chemistry between me and my roomate.

And the most interesting part of my campus is that I just need to walk down the stairs and WALAH there's my class so i do really think it's a waste of time for me to dress up so nicely to go to class, Janji lepas dress code sudah la kiukiu

Oh and not to forget there are lawrians guys too in my campus. And law students they loooveee to dress up so memang every time pun cuci mata lah hihi. And they're very friendly too! Handsome and friendly siapa tak nak? hehe

Woi I've type-ed toooo long. So i guess that's it for now. Will update a new post as soon as i get my laptop which is today! Oh my god so excited hihi

Much love,